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The Throat Chakra Unveiled: Pathway to Clear Communication

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Have you ever struggled to express your true feelings or felt misunderstood? Communication is a fundamental part of our daily lives, and it all centres around the throat chakra. The throat chakra, or the fifth chakra, is essential for effective communication and self-expression. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of the throat chakra, explore its impact on our lives, and provide insights into how you can balance and activate this vital energy centre. Understanding and nurturing the throat chakra can lead to clearer communication, enhanced creativity, and a more harmonious life.

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The Throat Chakra: The Centre For Communication and Expression

The throat chakra also called the fifth chakra, is the centre of communication. It is located in region of the neck and shoulders and its colour a bright blue (compared to the indigo colour of the chakra six, the third eye centre). Its symbol is a lotus with sixteen petals that contains all the vowels of the Sanskrit language. In Sanskrit, vowels typically represent spirit and consonants represent matter.

The lotus is called Visuddha meaning purification. To successfully reach and open the throat chakra, the body must attain a certain level of purification. Sound as a vibration and a force inherent in all things has a purifying nature.

Sound affects the cellular structure of matter and has the ability to harmonise otherwise dissonant frequencies within and around us.

The throat chakra and the benefits for communication and expression

The Element of Ether

The element of this chakra is ether, also known as akasha or spirit. It represents a world of vibrations that we experience as part of our auric field, as sound and the subtle plane of impressions on the mind. The etheric plane is field of vibration around our physical body. We can see this field if we practice placing hands in front of light or in the sky to see the outline. Kirlian photography can visually record this field around us and show how it relates to health and disease.

The etheric field is like a blueprint for the vibrational patterns of our tissues, organs, emotions, activities, experiences, memories and thoughts. Diseases show up in the etheric body before they manifest in the tissues. Healing works through techniques that treat the subtle body such as homeopathy, acupuncture and energetic healing.

Why Communication is Essential

The throat chakra is related to communication through sound, vibration, self-expression and creativity. It is the realm of consciousness that controls, creates, transmits and receives communication both within ourselves and with each other. It is the centre of dynamic creativity, synthesizing old ideas into something new. It includes listening, speaking, writing, chanting, telepathy and the arts especially sounds and languages.

Communication is the connecting principle that makes life possible. Within the body, communication is essential – electrical communication between brain waves and muscle tissue for movement, chemical communication of hormones to cells for growth, cyclic changes and defense against disease. Civilization depends on communication as the connecting fabric through which we coordinate the complex tasks of a co-operative culture.

Our communication networks are a cultural nervous system, connecting us all.’

Communication is the process of transmitting and receiving information through symbols. The throat chakra is the centre that translates symbols (such as words, musical patterns) into information. Symbols allow us to represent the world in a more efficient way. For example we can synthesise thoughts into concrete images and store images as thoughts all through the symbolic representation of perceived patterns.

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Exploring Telepathy

The key to the mastery is always silence, at all levels, because in the silence we discern the vibrations and to discern them is to be able to capture them.” Sri Aurobindo

The ether can be regarded a field of carrying both gross and more subtle vibrations through which communication can occur. Telepathic communication is more subtle than other forms of communication like talking and only perceptible when less subtle vibrations are quietened. It is a type of mental connectivity floating through the ether that permits an exchange of information on a non-physical plane.

Telepathy is the art of communicating across time and space without using the normal five senses. One needs to quiet their thoughts, calm their mind and open up new channels to listen to subtle vibrations. We then become a receiver to messages that are transmitted by the sender and can learn to focus on a message and transmit it to another.

To practice telepathy, it is helpful to practice with someone you know well. First, visualise simple 2D shapes and symbols or think of a short word and send it over the airwaves to your friend. When transmitting 2D shapes becomes easy, move onto 3D shapes or more complex images or messages. Like a radio wave, messages can be sent on waves that we can pick with sufficient training. The messages are passed through etheric channels or threads that connect all beings.

Using Affirmations

Affirmations – are a form of communication to yourself and to the outside world as you carry the messages in your field which can be broadcast to others who you communicate with. In the following meditation we are going to activate and strengthen our etheric field and use affirmations.

The Power of Vibration and Resonance

Vibration is a manifestation of rhythm. It is the ‘impact of the rhythm of one plane upon the substance of another’ (Dion Fortune). As we rise through the central channel, each chakra is said to vibrate at a higher and faster vibrations than the chakra below it. ‘Our consciousness vibrates upon the substance of our bodies, energy affecting movement and movement affecting matter.’

Experiments in Cymatics (developed by Jans Jenny, see link below) have shown that sound waves, projected into various mediums like waters, powders, pastes and oil produce patterns that are remarkably similar to those found in nature, such as spiral galaxies, cellular division in an embryo or the iris and pupil of a human eye.
All vibrations are characterized by rhythm, a repeated, regular pattern of movement through time and space. These rhythms are deeply ingrained in our lives: breathing, heartbeat, women’s menstruation. the changing of the seasons, day and night, cycles of the moon, and so on.

Hearing sound waves and seeing light waves are functions of perceiving rhythms. Nerve fibres feed information to our brain through rhythmic pulsations of energy. George Leonard (The Silent Pulse) says the primary role of rhythm is to integrate various parts of a system. In this way we are like a symphony orchestra with rhythm being the heartbeat of the system.

However we may lack the resonant rhythm that connects our very core to the core of the universe. There are times when we may find we lack-coordination, cohesiveness and grace. Rhythms tend to perpetuate themselves e.g. a person who starts their day calm and centered with a clear mind will find their interactions more calm and centred compared to a stressed person working in a high pressured environment. In addition to meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises, an effective way to calm down and integrate all parts of us is to use mantras.

The Role of Mantras

Sound waves affect matter and also affect consciousness. The word mantra comes from ‘man’ meaning mind and ‘tra’ meaning protection or instrument. A mantra is tool for protecting our minds from the traps of non-productive cycles of thoughts and action. They serve as devices to make us calm and focused. The rhythm of the sound works on sub-conscious level and permeates our inner rhythms. We don’t need to think about the meaning, but if meaning is ascribed to particular sound as in the daily use of an affirmation such as ‘I am Love’, the rhythm of the repetition helps to infuse that meaning into our consciousness.

Spoken aloud for a few minutes each morning, a mantra can reverberate silently in the mind all day long, carrying imprints of its vibration, image and meaning. With each reverberation, the mantra works on the mind and body, creating order and harmony. If a fast mantra is chosen it can overcome inertia. If s a slow one is used it can bring a state of calm and relaxation throughout the day.

Hindu tradition is that vibration is the basic emanation from which matter was created. In Hindu scripture it is said ‘OM – this whole world is that syllable!… For this, Brahma is the whole.’

In Christianity: ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” (Gospel of John)

These texts describe how sound as an emanation of the divine, created the manifested world.

OM or AUM: primordial sound, the original sound from which the universe was created. It is similar to Amen.

AUM AH HUM: 3 syllables of great power to purify an atmosphere. You can practice chanting AUM at the third eye, AH at the throat and HUM at the heart chakra. As you inhale think about the sound at the relevant centre and then sound it out on the exhale.

OM MANI PADME OM: ‘jewel of the lotus resides within’.

LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKINHO BHAVANTU: ‘may all beings be happy, may all beings be free, may all beings find peace’.

The importance of a mantra lies in its rhythm and overall vibration. Mantras are experienced within.

Embracing Creativity

Communication is a creative process. Creativity is associated with the sacral chakra, however as it a form of expression and it is also related to the throat chakra. The process of creation is a process of inner discovery. When creating art, we open ourselves up and become channels for inspiration or spiritual information. Creativity releases our inner power. Survival and health in our fast changing world requires innovation and flexibility. Creativity is the key to unlocking these qualities. We need to honour it in ourselves and in others.

Natural Remedies for the Throat Chakra

  • HERBS: Fucus Vesiculosis (thyroid function), Marshmallow root, Sage, Echinacea, Licorice Root, Cinnamon, Ginger, Peppermint (sore throat), Dandelion Root, Ginger, Sage, Fennel, Black Pepper (balance throat chakra).
  • HOMEOPATHY: Blue (thyroid issues, balance), Apis Mel (painful throat), Belladonna (inflamed throat), Merc Sol (sore throat), Phytolacca (swollen throat, tonsils remedy.
  • BACH FLOWER ESSENCES: Chestnut Bud, Clematis, Honeysuckle, Mustard, Olive, White Chestnut, Wild Rose.


  • Sing, chant and tone regularly to activate and open the throat centre.
  • In stillness, listen to your inner sound or vibration
  • Express your creativity – dance, art, music
  • Notice any blockages in the throat area and release through breath and sound
  • Experience a sound bath

Reading and Resources

  • Wheels of Life’ by Anodea Judith
  • Eastern Body, Western Mind’ by Anodea Judith
  • Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber


Understanding and nurturing the throat chakra is crucial for effective communication, creativity, and overall well-being. By focusing on this vital energy center, you can enhance your ability to express yourself clearly, connect with others more deeply, and tap into your creative potential. Balancing the throat chakra helps you to speak your truth with confidence, listen more attentively to others, and express your ideas creatively and authentically. Incorporating practices like meditation, affirmations, and mindful speaking into your routine can support this process. Embrace the power of your throat chakra and discover the positive impact it can have on your life and relationships.

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