The Healing Power of Love

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In the intricate tapestry of existence, love emerges as the invisible thread that weaves our lives together. It’s the force that connects us, uplifts us, and heals us. Love, often described as the universal language of the heart, holds the power to transcend boundaries, mend wounds, and lead us on a journey of self-discovery. As Hafiz beautifully puts it, “The heart is a thousand-stringed instrument that can only be tuned with Love.”

The Essence of Love: A Universal Bond

Love is the energy that binds us together. It has been likened to the binding force within an atom. Love is magnetic and cohesive and is the energy that creates and builds within the universe and helps to create and maintain relationships. The essence of love is connection, compassion, kindness, joy and grace. Love brings us back to a state of balance and peace and to a unified state which some call unity consciousness.

Healing Through Love: A Magnetic Energy

Love is the language of the Soul. The soul has been described as ‘the part of us that knows’ and is the witness to and observer of every thought, emotions, deed or work in our lifetime. Love exists within each cell of our body ready to be activated when we turn our attention to loving ourselves. Love is a magnetic and healing energy. Healers direct the energy of love by acting as vehicle through which the loving divine energy flows to areas that need healing.

According to Pitirum Sorokin, ‘Unselfish love has enormous creative and therapeutic potentialities, far greater than most people think. Love is a life-giving force, necessary for physical, mental and moral health.’ He says it is a ‘unifying, integrating, harmonizing, creative energy or power’.

Unlocking Your Heart: A Practice of Self-Connection

Here is a practice to help open your heart and deepen your connection to the energy of love.

As you breathe, bring your awareness to your heart centre. Place your hands on your heart to feel this connection better. Reflect for a few moments on what love means to you. Reflect on universal love, a love with no conditions, the highest state of love, pure unconditional love.

As you breathe, expand your heart centre. See a vortex of golden white light radiating out from the centre of your heart. See the light spiraling outwards to reach every part of your body, to the tissues, muscles, organs, bones, activating every cell of your body. Visualise the light in the atoms of your cells, this light is expanding with your attention and with your loving energy.

Expand this light beyond your physical body into your energy fields, your aura. Expand the love further to fill the whole room and then to fill the whole building you are in, expand the love further to fill your town, region, city, country, continent and to fill the whole planet and outwards into our solar system. See yourself floating in this ocean of love that you have created, feeling peaceful and content. Remain here for a few more moments, just floating in the energy of love, within the essence of universal love – you may feel an all encompassing joy and even bliss.

Return slowly back into your physical body. Breathe slowly, floating back until you are fully embodied into physical.

Healing Energies Within: The Power of Cellular Love

The energy of love within each cell of our body is hugely powerful. Loving our whole self including the cells in our body activates our healing capacity. Within each of our cells and our DNA is a loving unifying energy. When activated or directed, the cells works towards our highest healing which affects our energy field. When anyone comes into contact with our energy field, they are impacted by it. The more love we have for ourselves, the more we can heal our own selves and those who come into contact with us. Healing has to start within our own self and then we can help to heal others.

Dr Masaru Emoto’s famously experimented on the effects of words and sounds on water molecules. He froze samples of water that were subjected to loving and non-loving words and sounds and even images and took photos of the crystals. The loving words produced beautiful whole images of crystals and the hateful words produced misformed crystals. Imagine what you can do for your own healing by talking to your own cells (which are over 70% water) with love.

Learning to Love Unconditionally

We may experience unconditional love for children or a pet. We love them for their existence without any expectations. This is the most healing energy in the universe. Try turning this energy to yourself – the healing will be remarkable on all levels.

Our health and wellbeing depends on our outlook, thoughts, beliefs and emotional life. How we regard and treat ourselves has a profound effect on the cells of our body. If we love, trust and respect ourselves and practice self-care then our cells will behave accordingly in harmony and in right relationship to each other. If we criticize our self, hate or demean ourselves that our cells will hear these messages and act in disharmony and dis-ease may occur.


Increase love for yourself – learn to trust, respect and have unconditional love for yourself, appreciating your unique gifts and talents.
Directing the love towards each cell, organ, tissue of your body on a regular basis.
Practice forgiveness of self and others and letting go of anything that stands in the way of your spiritual growth and increasing self-awareness.
During breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditation, communicate with the voice of your heart or your soul.

Believe in yourself. Listen to your instinct and intuition.

Resources and Further Reading

  • Hidden Messages in Water by Dr Masaru Emoto, learn more.
  • ‘The Gaia Effect’ by Monika Muranyi
  • ‘The Secret of the Atomic Age: How to harness the untapped energy within ourselves’ by Vera Stanley Alder
  • ‘Ways & Power of Love: Techniques Of Moral Transformation’ by Pitirim A. Sorokin
  • ‘Biology of Belief’ by Bruce Lipton


"Hi, I’m Michelle. I am passionate about natural healing, homeopathy and meditation. I qualified as a homeopath in 2009 and have a holistic practice including prescribing homeopathic remedies, flower essences, herbs, nutritional advice, lifestyle changes and meditation exercises. I believe in the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own health and helping individuals to gain more awareness about themselves and their journey to discover a more healthy lifestyle – in mind, body, and spirit."

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